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Helping the Greater Denver and Colorado Springs area create custom beautiful spaces by providing interior carpentry services, for over 10 years.

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Carpentry Services in Colorado

We provide all types of residential carpentry services, like decks, basement and other non-structural framing, and all manner of interior finish trim carpentry. We mainly focus on interior doors, cabinetry, and trim and moldings. As a small family run company, we take pride in giving our clients more personalized attention. We worry about the details so you don’t have to. You are the hero in the story and we’re just your guide. Our hope is that 10 years from now, you’ll still be enjoying your space just as much as the day you first got to use it, and not stressing about little things that need to be fixed. We’ve worked with everyone from landlords and Vrbo or Airbnb owners, and realtors, to other small business owners, and busy executives, even our amazing women and men in the armed forces.

“Regardless you can count on JSM. Let us handle all of your carpentry needs.”

Our Services


We have over 10 years of structural framing experience, building new homes. As we’ve refined our skills we prefer the finer detailed carpentry work, but have no problem framing basements, partition walls, or decks.

Interior Door Installation

So, you’re finishing your basement and need a bunch of doors put in, or you just added one wall and need a door put in. We can help you with that. If you’re limited on wall space.


There’s builder grade interior trim packages and then there’s the master carpentry trim skills that bring back timeless elegance and high class feel to enrich any room in your home.

We understand that sometimes you end up loving your countertops, but hate your cabinets. We have found creative ways to swap out your base cabinets without removing your countertops.

Why Choose Us?

Highly Qualified

We have 20+ years experience and have worked in ground up new construction and renovations, to higher end deck building, kitchen remodeling, and basement finishing. We even helped do regular structural maintenance on a wooden roller coaster in San Diego for 3 years. We have filtered through mediocre trade partners to form an A-Team of sub contractors who we trust to be professional, hold themselves to higher standards, and are impeccable with their word.

Expert Standards

We’re always looking to grow and improve. We take pride in our work, so that you may take pride in your home. Everyone messes up now and then and we feel like our customers deserve to work with a contractor who is accountable and open about things. We believe that, how a person shows up after a mistake is made, separates them from the crowd and sets a positive example that we hope is carried on after we’re gone.

Affordable Prices

Our prices don’t fluctuate based on zip codes. We work to find an affordable solution for your needs, even if that sometimes is the most expensive option. Part of our job is to help bridge the gap between your vision, your budget, the problem we’re solving, and the orchestration and execution of your ideas.

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