Alder wood Classic and Traditional Mantle

Who doesn’t love a nice cozy fireplace to relax and unwind in front of on a cold day? You probably came here because, well, you do! But maybe you spend quite a bit of time around your fireplace and you’ve noticed that it seems like it’s lacking something, or it just doesn’t seem inviting enough. Maybe you just want something grand and majestic like from a castle or Ski lodge? Or perhaps you want something more traditional to hang your stockings on at Christmas? How about something sleek, modern, and futuristic? Well, there are so many styles and directions you can take a fireplace mantel or surround. Ok, yeah I know, you want to know how much they cost. Well the simplest answer is, it depends!


You can find pretty cheap prefabricated fireplace mantel surrounds online made from low quality materials that require some IKEA style assembly for as little as a couple hundred dollars. Likewise, there are some trendy “reclaimed beam” style versions you can purchase online. The lower quality ones you might be able to find for under $100 and they won’t be very heavy. Some individuals are selling custom made kits on websites like Etsy for a little more money, but you can expect to pay a bit for shipping on such bulky and heavy items. You’ll also need to assemble them if they consist of more than just the basic mantel and hope they include directions! The “rustic” fad is also popping right now and there are many places stock piling old timbers to sell for exorbitant amounts like $100 per ft depending on size and age. You can find decent 6×6, 8×8, or similar reclaimed beams for around $500-$1000 on average, but you’ll be getting solid heavy wood. Keep in mind that many of the reclaimed rustic beams come as raw unfinished splintery wood. Whichever you choose, it would be wise to hire a professional to help install or mount your mantels. The last thing you want is to have your nice mantel with pictures, candles, or nick knacks come crashing down on you! In another post we’ll cover types of brackets for reclaimed wood mantels and floating shelves.


What if you don’t like the options available online, or need something custom fit to your space? Maybe you need some type of frame built first, or need your existent mantel removed. Again, there are so many styles and options when you go custom. We’ll just cover wood mantels here. On the lower end of the scale, you can have a simple mantel which consists of the Entablature of a cornice, frieze, and architrave (the horizontal face) and the top shelf. Expect to pay around $750-$850 for a simple design to be built and professionally installed. If you want to step it up and add some pilasters or columns add another $650-$750. If you want to step it up again, you can add an “overmantel” above, which really adds an awesome look and feel especially to frame a big painting, mirror, or tv. These prices reflect installation, but may not include staining or painting. Now, if you really want to add the flare or regal eye popping detail, the sky is the limit! Well I suppose not unless your fireplace is outside, but you can easily spend tens of thousands of dollars if you want to be featured in country club fireplaces magazine (I just made that up).

So how much does a fireplace mantel cost? Well, what is your style, how detailed do you want to get, and do you want to attempt to build or install it yourself?

***Prices discussed here are not necessarily accurate across the country and do not reflect current material or shipping costs associated with CoVid-19***